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About Our Music

Superbrass Music Publishing exists to make available all the fantastic pieces that have become part of the Superbrass repertoire.  

These original commissions and original arrangements for brass dectet and percussion has never been available until NOW !

The parts and scores are available as bound sheet music to be sent directly to you by post anywhere in the world and will in the near future also be available as a pdf instant downloads.

A huge amount of attention to detail has been paid in the preparation of these parts and to the quality of presentation, the legibility and even the page turns.

We only use high quality 100 gsm light ivory coloured A3 and A4 paper.

Scores are formatted at 2 systems per page and where necessary are professionally stapled together.  

Each piece has a title page which gives timings, if doubling instruments are required, what percussion instruments are requirements, itemised parts that require improvising, a pdf sample page from the score, a high quality WAV sound clip and a HD video clip performed by Superbrass itself.

Each work has been written for the traditional brass dectet format favoured by the legendary Philip Jones Brass Ensemble and as such is written for...

  • 4 trumpets
  • 1 french horn
  • 4 trombones
  • 1 tuba

Each piece also includes alternative parts for all Brass Band instruments, such as Eb Soprano Cornet, Eb Tenor Horn, Treble clef reading trombones, euphoniums and baritones and Eb and Bb Bass.

These are included as standard and do not incur any extra costs.

The percussion requirements differ considerably with each piece and are listed along with the recommended number of percussion players required for each piece.

This information is on the title page for each individual piece of music.

Each work additionally has background and relevant information about the composer and the work itself.

We are very proud and excited about the music we have commissioned since our humble debut in 2005 and still strive to commission new works of the very highest quality for brass dectet and percussion.

On behalf of all the members of Superbrass and myself we hope that you enjoy browsing our work.

Superbrass Music employs PayPal to power the e-commerce aspects of this site, as we believe it to be one of the safest and most convenient options available.  

It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to use this method.

If however you are not completely happy with PayPal, please contact me to discuss other payment options.


Roger Argente
Artistic Director and Editor, Superbrass Music

Superbrass Music is committed to developing accessible new music for brass of the very highest quality.
Illegal photocopying denies composers and publishers of their rightful revenue.
A lack of revenue deters publishers from investing in new commissions.
ALL MUSICIANS suffer the consequences of illegal photocopying.
The future is in your hands.
Now that you have the facts, you can help the future of creative music world.

If you do happen upon any errors please let me know by contacting me personally at