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Como Poden per sas Culpas

Anon 13th Century Spanish Arranged by Jock McKenzie A Feature for 2 Solo Piccolo Trumpets. 3:00 minutes

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Como Poden per sas Culpas

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  • Como Poden per sas Culpus


Como Poden per sas Culpas

The Cantigas de Santa Maria (Canticles of the Blessed Virgin Mary), composed at the Court of King Alfonso X of Castile in the second half of the 13th century, are a vast repertory of poetry in medieval Galician. The 420 compositions include 353 narratives of miracles of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as numerous devotional and liturgical poems, almost all set to music.

Jock McKenzie’s fine arrangement of this canticle, in which contrasting meters evoke the limping of a lame man then healed by the Virgin Mary. This arrangement was written especially for Superbrass and featured the fabulous piccolo trumpet playing of both Brian Thomson and Paul Mayes and can be heard on our 2011 debut recording

“Under the Spell of Spain”