Paul Clarvis

Paul brings his unique style of musicianship to many genres as one of the most requested session musicians, his playing can be heard on hundreds of films including Star Wars, all the Harry Potter films, all the Narnia films, all the Twilight films, the Dark Knight, the Constant Gardner the Bourne Ultimatum, Burn After Reading, Shakespeare in Love, Fantastic Mr Fox, Billy Elliot, James Bond, Robin Hood, G.I.Jane, Notting Hill, Tron, The Mummy, The Golden Compass, Bee Movie, Troy, State of Play, The Road, The Last King of Scotland, Spygame, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Escapist, Captain America, Shrek, Hugo, Cabaret, Kung Fu Panda and Lord of the Rings. He has appeared on records by Elton John, Mick Jagger, Underworld, Elvis Costello, Harrison Birtwhistle, Richard Thompson, Michel Legrand, John Adams, Bryan Ferry, Sam Rivers, Annie Lennox, Night Wish, Andy Sheppard, John Williams, Moondog and his own band Orquestra Mahatma. He regularly plays with Mose Allison, Blink, Alan Barnes, Viktoria Mullova.