Tower Music

Jock McKenzie
£ 12.50 

Ba-Da-Boom Brass - A new initiative from Superbrass Music. This collection of 30 original compositions and arrangements has been inspired by the heritage and culture of world and historical brass-related styles. We hope this repertoire will prompt a growing inquisitiveness for brass players of all ages and styles, and was created with a brass club or gathering in mind. Set at a moderate / training band standard, these pieces can be played by a flexi group of mixed brass instruments plus assorted optional percussion. A minimum of 4 brass players is necessary, but the maximum is limitless. All four brass voices have occasional divisi passages; in these instances more texture and harmonic colour is added. In the instance of using just four brass players, playing just the top part in each case will provide a cohesive performance.

  • Part 1 – Trumpet / Cornet in Bb
  • Part 2 – Trumpet / Cornet in Bb
  • Part 3 – Horn in Eb or F / Trombone / Baritone / Euphonium
  • Part 4 – Trombone / Baritone / Euphonium / Bass Trombone / Tuba
  • (8va options for Bass Trombone & Tuba)
  • Assorted optional percussion - prioritise drum kit




From the middle-ages, European towns and cities often had a protective wall built around them with gates and look-out towers. Watchmen were stationed in the towers to look out for danger (approaching enemies) and mark the significant times of day e.g. locking the gates at sun-down. It gradually evolved that musicians (waites) would often be assigned these duties and would play various musical signals and tunes to mark these events. Over time, composers began to write bespoke music for these groups of musicians (Stadtpfeifer) to play; both up on the tower and down in the town.

“Stunning playing all round and a perfect 'snapshot' of the incredibly high standards of performance in brass playing in London today."

Peter Bassano
Head of Brass Royal College of Music (retired)

“Brilliant technique and superb artistry from all concerned.”

Denis Wick

It is scintillatingly good. Superbrass more than live up to their name.”

Peter Bale

“Many recordings over the last few decades have demonstrated the superb quality of British brass playing; 'Under the Spell of Spain' will rightfully take its place among them.”

Paul Sarcich

“Under the Spell of Spain is a showcase of virtuosic playing by some of London’s finest brass and percussion players. Highly recommended!”

Jon Gorrie

“The end result, is a resounding success. This is not a commercial CD, this is education, passion and self belief written in the sleeve notes”

Richard Walker
British Trombone Society

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