"WOW !!!!! all of you should be locked up !!!! What great stuff - the compositions/arrangements, the playing (OUTRAGEOUS !!! ), everything is simply fantastic. (actually - i couldn't have expected anything less ! ) Many, many thanks to you and all for your superb contributions. yet again, you've managed to raise the bar! (an inch or two is ok but a few yards is really unfair !!!!!!!!!! )"
Jiggs Whigham, International Jazz Trombone Soloist, Musical Director, BBC Big Band, President International Trombone Association and Professor Hanns Eisler College of Music, Berlin
"The more I listen to this album the more I find to enjoy and the more impressed I am. The wealth of talent on display in terms of composing, performing, recording and producing is fantastic"
Kevin Morgan, The British Trombone Society
“Superbrass is superfun ! This Phillip Jones-inspired brass ensemble based in London has recorded a remarkably colorful and engaging CD”
Lydia Van Dreel, The Horn Call Journal of the International Horn Society
“Stunning playing all round and a perfect 'snapshot' of the incredibly high standards of performance in brass playing in London today."
Peter Bassano, Head of Brass Royal College of Music (retired)
“Just wanted to give a general shout-out to SUPERBRASS - who are truly super-bad; for my money, one of the most exciting large brass ensembles EVER.”
Rex Richardson, International Trumpet Soloist
“The entire programme can be likened to a sumptuous feast, with each track having its own highly delectable and thoroughly satisfying flavour. The CD is surely compulsive listening for all brass and percussion enthusiasts.”
C Brian Buckley, Brass Band World
“Every now and again a recording that is both truly outstanding and will have great appeal to brass band listeners appears on the shelves. We are delighted to make it the first recipient of our CD of the Year Editors Award.”
Kenneth Crookston, British Bandsman
“The end result, is a resounding success. This is not a commercial CD, this is education, passion and self belief written in the sleeve notes”
Richard Walker, British Trombone Society
“The CD is just fabulous. The ensemble playing is fantastic; the tightness of the ensemble is amazing; the balance and dynamics are just brilliant.”
Philip Biggs, The Brass Herald
“All cleverly arranged and beautifully played, with excellent sonics.”
John Sunier, Audiophile Audition
“This is a wonderfully charismatic disc with playing of the highest quality. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”
David Bremner, The Mouthpiece
It is scintillatingly good. Superbrass more than live up to their name.”

Peter Bale , 4barsrest.com
“Many recordings over the last few decades have demonstrated the superb quality of British brass playing; 'Under the Spell of Spain' will rightfully take its place among them.”
Paul Sarcich, www.dailyclassicalmusic.com
“Under the Spell of Spain defies any category other than: superb.”
Nicholas F. Mondello, Allaboutjazz.com
“The arrangements all sound fresh, and the playing is beyond reproach.”
Dr. Gavin Dixon, Classical CD Reviews
“One of the all time great brass recordings OF ALL TIME”
Jiggs Whigham, International Jazz Trombone Soloist and Musical Director, BBC Big Band
“An absorbing selection of refined choices and inspirational highlights. Marvellous."
Keith Ames , The Musician (MU)
“Under the Spell of Spain is a showcase of virtuosic playing by some of London’s finest brass and percussion players. Highly recommended!”
Jon Gorrie, Founder, BrassMusician.com
“Wow! What a great CD. The playing is superb”
Dr. Robert Childs, Musical Director, Cory Band
“One of the finest brass ensemble recordings that has ever come my way.”
Rodney Newton, Composer, arranger and music journalist
“Brilliant technique and superb artistry from all concerned.”
Denis Wick,
“Another impressive offering then from Superbrass, and a worthy successor to their excellent debut disc”
Dr. Gavin Dixon, Classical-CD-Reviews.Com
“Under the Spell of Spain is an extraordinary CD, in company with the finest large brass ensemble recordings ever made. This is a must buy CD!”
Don Lucas, Boston University writing in the International Trombone Association Journal
“Exploding onto the brass music scene with their debut album ‘Under the Spell of Spain’, the depth of versatility and virtuosity within the ranks of Superbrass has firmly secured it's place as one of the greatest large brass ensembles of all time”
Tom Davoren, Brass Band World
The Brass Herald
Lyndon Chapman, “Simply some of the most exciting and triumphant brass playing I have ever heard!”
“This is joyous stuff; an intelligent, coherent crossover disc, performed with phenomenal punch. Brilliantly recorded too – what’s the point of assembling a collective of virtuoso brass players if they can’t make your ears bleed ?”
Graham Rickson, www.theartsdesk.com
“This intriguing "water-borne" voyage runs the gamut from more classically-tinged interpretations to straight-ahead and improvised jazz. Along that journey we are treated to a highly inspired and masterfully presented performance.”
Nicholas F. Mondello, Allaboutjazz.com
"Who but the best professionals could live up to this ?... Everything about this disc is to be recommended, the recording is crystal clear and the playing and arranging of the first water”
Dr. Paul Sarcich, www.mvdaily.com
“This is absolutely one of the finest and most creative brass ensembles in the world."
Marc Dickman, University of South Florida writing in the International Trombone Association Journal