The Earl of Salibury’s Pavane

Composed by
William Byrd
Arranged by
Jock McKenzie
£ 20.00 

Originally designed as a response to the rapidly changing creative world of 2020 amidst the unprecedented COVID disruptions; these arrangements were created as a motivational tool for home use over the summer months for students and teachers alike, the intension being that the performer learns to play all the parts to each piece while learning and experimenting how to record themselves, how to make a click-track, how to multi-track, mix, video-edit and much more…. Due to popular demand these are now available again to purchase for ensembles of 8 Trumpets

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  • For Conductors, Teachers and/or Students
  • Percussion Backing Tracks to accompany Superbrass Educational Material
  • Backing Tracks are Free to Download
  • We always use 4 bars of Introduction before each tune starts (unless otherwise stated)
  • Turn your Practice into a Performance and have fun !
  • 8 Trumpets
  • Also suitable for various combinations of brass instruments




William Byrd was an English composer of the Renaissance. He wrote in many of the forms current in England at the time, including various types of sacred and secular polyphony, keyboard and consort music. What little music that was published was overwhelmingly choral, as keyboard music required printing techniques yet to be perfected. Musicians were used to copying instrumental music by hand into family ‘commonplace books’, while wealthier families employed a ‘scribe’ to do this. A Pavan or Pavane is one of the many types of popular dances from the Renaissance Period composed by Byrd and other composers of the time. It was common practice for a Pavane (usually 4 beats in a bar) to be followed by a Galliard, which is another type of dance with a contrasting 3 beats in a bar. However The Earl of Salisbury Pavane has two Galliards. This Renaissance composition was written in memory of Robert Cecil, the  Earl of Salisbury.

“Just wanted to give a general shout-out to SUPERBRASS - who are truly super-bad; for my money, one of the most exciting large brass ensembles EVER.”

Rex Richardson
International Trumpet Soloist

"Who but the best professionals could live up to this ?... Everything about this disc is to be recommended, the recording is crystal clear and the playing and arranging of the first water”

Dr. Paul Sarcich

“An absorbing selection of refined choices and inspirational highlights. Marvellous."

Keith Ames
The Musician (MU)

“Every now and again a recording that is both truly outstanding and will have great appeal to brass band listeners appears on the shelves. We are delighted to make it the first recipient of our CD of the Year Editors Award.”

Kenneth Crookston
British Bandsman

“This is absolutely one of the finest and most creative brass ensembles in the world."

Marc Dickman
University of South Florida writing in the International Trombone Association Journal

It is scintillatingly good. Superbrass more than live up to their name.”

Peter Bale

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