Pop Looks Bach

Composed by
Sam Fonteyn
Arranged by
Jock McKenzie
£ 25.00 

Pop Looks Bach, or as it is more popularly known, the theme tune from Ski Sunday, is the music associated with the BBC Sports weekly TV show Ski Sunday and also Sunday Grandstand

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  • 3 Trombones
  • 1 Euphonium (or Trombone)
  • 1 Tuba
  • 1 Drum Kit
  • 1 Xylophone (Optional)




Pop Looks Bach was originally launched off the back of the 1976 Winter Olympics, the show went on to focus primarily on the blue riband events of the Downhill Skiing and the Special Slalom. Ski Sunday became one of the longest-running BBC Sports TV programmes being broadcast. The music to the programme was written by Sam Fonteyn. In the USA, the religious radio show The World Tomorrow used Pop Looks Bach as its opening music during the 1980s. It was first recorded for the Boosey & Hawkes Music Library in 1970. It has similarities to the opening of Bach's Fugue in D minor. Samuel Soden, also known as Sam Fonteyn was an English composer and pianist, whose most significant output was for the Boosey & Hawkes Music Library, for which he composed and recorded many works. Most are short character pieces for the piano with colourful titles indicating the images the pieces are meant to conjure. Others are bright orchestral pieces. Fonteyn's work has been heard on television since the 1970’s. His work has also been featured on Sponge Bob Square Pants, The Ren & Stimpy Show and Family Guy.

“Wow! What a great CD. The playing is superb”

Dr. Robert Childs
Musical Director, Cory Band

"The more I listen to this album the more I find to enjoy and the more impressed I am. The wealth of talent on display in terms of composing, performing, recording and producing is fantastic"

Kevin Morgan
The British Trombone Society

“Many recordings over the last few decades have demonstrated the superb quality of British brass playing; 'Under the Spell of Spain' will rightfully take its place among them.”

Paul Sarcich

“Under the Spell of Spain defies any category other than: superb.”

Nicholas F. Mondello

“This is a wonderfully charismatic disc with playing of the highest quality. I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

David Bremner
The Mouthpiece

“The entire programme can be likened to a sumptuous feast, with each track having its own highly delectable and thoroughly satisfying flavour. The CD is surely compulsive listening for all brass and percussion enthusiasts.”

C Brian Buckley
Brass Band World
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